Network of Instrument Technical personnel and User scientist of Bangladesh (NITUB)

NITUB Report-2018

Network of Instrument Technical personnel and User scientists of Bangladesh (NITUB) is a registered [registration number: S-7887(1077)08] voluntary, non-profitable, non-political learned society dedicated to scientific education and research. NITUB is functioning since 19 July 1994. The following are the activities of NITUB in 2018:

Training programmes

One of the main objectives of NITUB is to conduct training programmes on specific group of instruments to update the knowledge of user scientists and technical personnel on instrumentation so that scientific equipment of different institutions functions properly and scientific research could be carried out effectively. In the year 2018 NITUB, organized four training programmes (68th, 69th, 70th and 71st training programmes) in which 85 participants attended. The participants are young faculties, post graduate students, scientists and technical personnel of different public and private universities and research organizations of Bangladesh. Of these 85 participants 19 were female participants. [Details ...……..]

As per request of Professor Dr. Sukumar Saha of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences,Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh, NITUB’s resource persons conducted a training programme on “Installation, use, maintenance and trouble-shooting of laboratory equipment” organized by the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, BAU. This training programme was held on 17 -19 September 2018 and 18 faculties, students and technical personnel of BAU took part in this training programmes. [Details ...……..]

Instrument Repair Programe

Through this programme of NITUB, one hundred twenty-eight (128) non-functioning scientific equipment of different educational and research organizations of Bangladesh have been repaired in the year 2018. The reported book value of these scientific instruments is approximately BD Taka 4,73,55,000/- (U.S. $ 5,63,750/-) and NITUB spent approximately BD Taka 47,150/-(U.S. $ 561/-) to repair these instruments. Of these instruments more than 70% belongs to different departments and institutes of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU) which were repaired during the practical sessions of 71st training programme of NITUB. [Details ...…….]


NITUB used to post all its activities in its website ( Moreover, NITUB also publishes brochure, profile, etc. and post those to all educational and research organizations of Bangladesh. NITUB handed over training materials, manuals to participants of all training programmes of NITUB.

Other activities:

Membership of NITUB

Twenty nine (29) scientists and technical personnel became members of NITUB in 2018. Till December 2018, two hundred thirty (230) members (14 founder members, 205 life members and 11 ordinary members). [Details all list > go to page “Membership of NITUB” ].

ISP Reference Group Meeting

General Secretary of NITUB, Professor Altaf Hussain, was invited to attend the ISP Reference Group Meeting held in Lund, Sweden, on 08 -12 October 2018 to present NITUB grant application for 2019 -2021. Professor Altaf Hussain and Professor BeguamRokeya, joint secretary of NITUB also attended the funeral ceremony of late Professor Rune Liminga, former director, IPICS, in Uppsala, Sweden on 09 October 2019.


NITUB gratefully acknowledges the financial and logistic support of the following organizations to conduct its activities of 2018

: ISP (International Science Programme)

: Atomic Energy Centre, Dhaka; (AECD)

: Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU), Dinajpur

: BUHS (Bangladesh University of Health Sciences), Dhaka

: INARS, BCSIR (Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) Dhaka

Professor Dr. Altaf Hussain
General Secretary, NITUB


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