Proposed activities of NITUB for 2019

Training Programmes

NITUB plans to organize the following programmes in 2019.

    1. Training programme on GC.

    2. Training programme on HPLC.

    3. Training programme on Common Laboratory equipment.

    4. Training programme on Common medical equipment.

    5. Workshop on basic or advanced electronics.

Instrument Repair Programme

   -> The instrument repair programme of NITUB will be conducted throughout the year 2018.

   -> Launching of updated Profile of NITUB.

   -> Fabrication of low cost equipment.

Training of the technical experts

    -> Training of instrument engineers of NITUB in an advanced laboratory abroad for couple of weeks to up-date their knowledge. In the year 2018, NITUB will arrange higher training in an advanced laboratory for three / four weeks for one of its full time engineers.

Installation of Scientific Equipment

   -> Technical experts of NITUB will install scientific equipment. In past years, NITUB got such requests and successfully installed scientific equipment of many institutes.



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